Let’s Get It On

Back when I was living in Ottawa I would, on occasion, take my children to the Museum of Nature so they could learn about all the wonders of this island earth. Including, of course, dinosaurs. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? (if you actually don’t like dinosaurs I strongly suggest you find another article to read because this is about to get 50 Shades of uncomfortable)
Later, when I was in the company of adults only and possibly aided by a few drinks I would wonder out loud “How did dinosaurs f*%k?”
Now I’m not talking the quadrupeds because anybody who has been around a particularly aggressive dog has had that question answered in spades. I’m talking the bipedal dinosaurs and in particular, the mighty T-Rex. Let’s be honest here, they weren’t the most sturdy looking creatures when it came time to shag.
I always wondered if it was done missionary with a very inconvenient tail in the way. Was it bitey sex? Was a passive herbivore, hoping submission could be traded for it’s life, used for support? These questions rattles around in my brain.

After a recent trip to Drumheller, I once again presented these questions to my boyfriend who was not at all shocked I wondered this but insistent I am a minority in this query.

To this I say…. HA!

It turns out my questions were, to a very lessened degree, actually very scientific ones, according to paleontologists, who have spent decades researching T-Rex coitus.

Complete with fantastic illustrations of a variety of dinosaurs mid romp, this article posted to the science section of the Daily Mail Online, briefly explains how dinosaurs (T-Rex included) mated.
You can only imagine how giddy I was to discover this information, so I sought more.
I found this documentary on YouTube split into two parts. It was actually quite educational. Click the link or don’t but you have to learn one thing a day and this could be your one thing and frankly, I’m just trying to help.

(If you’ve gotten this far… I was TOTALLY right about the bitey sex!)


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