From one mum to another: Get over yourself

I’ve noticed that the internet has become over run with ways to become a mom (while keeping us inside, at our computers, away from other actual moms and other kids)

There are all kinds of blogs on how it’s ok to not do the dishes sometimes, and yes we’re all run down.
I could find about a thousand things to add chalkboard paint to and make my house just that much more creative for the babes….if I wanted to, but another blog tells me it’s ok that I just get construction paper and markers.

There are forums where we argue about cloth vs disposable, breast vs bottle, babywear vs stroller and every mom in there is so much better for doing it her way.

We get indignant if somebody is on the elevator and we can’t see their disability while we have our precious miracle-angel in the stroller, or if somebody is in the pregnancy/new mom parking and is neither visibly pregnant nor a new parent.

We flip shit if our kids have a two degree fever and rush to the ER, thus clogging it with panicky moms, instead of using the internet for what it was designed for…research. (Here’s a handy guide from Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario, in case you don’t know)

To all of these mums, I have one thing to say: GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES!!!!

We get it! Parenthood is scary, uncharted territory and you want everybody to know that you’re doing the best you can. Know what… So are the rest of us.

Some of us parent with more rules than others. Some of us use more humor or more gentility.
If your kid has food in it’s belly, somewhere to shit and gets out for fresh air, the only one who should care how you do it, is you.

If you can manage to get your house looking like a pinterest board, good job mama, keep on truckin’. If you can barely keep up with laundry and dishes…we should hang out cause you’re my kinda people.

Take the next elevator that comes along, because you don’t know whats going on in that persons life and if it in entitled teenagers, just think back to when you were an entitled teenager, you probably did the same thing.
The pregnancy parking spot… WHAT??? Are we treating pregnancy or new motherhood like a disability now? Do we really need priority parking because our bodies managed to connect sperm to egg? I don’t think so.

We are no longer birthing in fields, lit by fire. We have wonderful facilities we do this in.
Mothers have every advantage and yet we polarize each other from the village mentality, creating playdates for whom? Babe or mum?
We aren’t doing anything new. This has been done since the dawn of our species and will continue forth as such.
We tear each other down or stand on high horses because we want the world to know that we’re doing not only the best job we can but a better job than everybody else.

We are mums, hardest job on earth, yes but if we don’t get over ourselves, we will continue to war within this awesome club we have instead of binding together to support.

Get over yourselves