Always take a banana to a party

This isn’t the average geek culture blog. This will focus on love, life and geek. Raising a single-parent family geek style with unique challenges.

She is the author of this blog. Browncoat, completely Sherlocked, at home chef, Geek culture addict, karaoke junkie, theatre lover and full time nerd herder.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 go nuts over all things Star Wars and love Anime based toys. Budding science nerds and mini-gamers, spare time is spent drawing their own comic books and imparting geek at the park.

Together we are a family of geeks and geek culture addicts, unashamed Whovians, Harry Potter readers/watchers, lovers of all things bacon, held together by laughter and hugs and the Zombie Survival team you want to be on.


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