Love in life or Love of life

Love in life or love of life.
Such seems the eternal choice of pursuit.
Some seem struck by the pursuit of love within life but I say nay!
To have love of ones life, of mirth and merriness is of most fulfillment of ones self and then should love find it’s self within a life already loved, well,
that is the grandest of contentment.

I beg that you think on this of love and life.
Love will leave life, for this is a certainty.
Be it through quarrel
or death
or saddest of apathy,
love will leave.
This will be the greatest of grievances ,
I’ll not say otherwise but in a life not loved where love leaves there will never be a sadness more deeply felt.
If love should leave a life loved than loved life will go on.
Sadness will rain down but shelter from the storm be found within the loved life it’s self.
So for with I say seek not love in life but love of life and pray that the other will follow in suit.

~ Christa F.


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